Advertising is the online USA edition of the Careers & Business magazine. In case you are interested in featuring in the International editions (English), Spain, Germany, Italy, or Romania, please specify this aspect. For those looking to promote themselves on our platform, the online UK edition, we transparently display the costs for the main sections.

Special Offer: 50% discount in the online Romanian edition and a BONUS in the online English edition. Additionally, material creation is included based on the provided information.

*Special offer is valid from January 8th to January 30th, 2024.

Rates/Advertising Card for

Careers Section: 1200 *

Business Section: 2200 *

Special Guest Section: 1500 *

Life Style Section: 1200 *

Tips Section: 1900 *

VIDEO Interview: 3000 *

Header Banner: 800/month *

Footer Banner: 600/month *

Widgets Banner: 400/month *

Note: The Careers & Business magazine is a niche publication for Entrepreneurs and Specialists. Important: Ideal for SEO (quick indexing), Reputation and Online Presence, and/or Niche Promotion.

*Prices are in dollars and do not include VAT (can be invoiced without VAT) and creation. We consider bonuses and discounts for Partners and Collaborators. For SPECIAL materials, a surcharge of up to 200% may apply. For sections without a business link display, an additional link can be added at a supplementary cost of 200.

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